If you would have asked me a few years ago if I liked Jeremy Camp, I probably would have told you that he was too “rocky,” but I can say that I have listened to his music for the past couple years and recently even more! While I have liked songs of Jeremy’s in the past, I just finished reading his recent book I Still Believe and I really liked his passion and heart.

In I Still Believe Jeremy talks about growing up as the son of a pastor, which resonated with me because I am a PK (pastor’s kid). What also struck me was the faith Jeremy had. While growing up, Jeremy’s family didn’t have much and he talked about praying for food and how God answered those needs as well as others.


As many struggle with faith and being committed to Christ, Jeremy shares his struggle and journey leading to recommitting his life to Christ. He also shared the story or testimony of his first wife, who passed away from cancer. I was really encouraged by Jeremy’s commitment to Christ through this process.

I really appreciate his honesty and openness in sharing his testimony. Through reading this book, I have really grown into a huge Jeremy Camp fan as I have gotten to know him through the book. He also shares the story behind some of his songs which gives me a whole new perspective on the songs.

This is probably the best memoir I will read in a long time and it is definitely on my list of top books! I think many will be encouraged and challenged by Jeremy’s faith.

I strongly recommend this book as it challenged me in my Christian walk, encouraged me, and gave me an example of someone who wants to live a life sold out to Christ.

If you would like to read an excerpt from I Still Believe visit: jeremycamp.com/IStillBelieve

Be sure to continue reading for my review of Jeremy’s CD and a giveaway!

Shortly after I received Jeremy’s book, his newest CD, Reckless, was released. I was already a huge fan of the title track Reckless which talks about living a life committed to Christ and not holding parts of our lives back. This song challenged me in my walk, so I was excited for the rest of the CD to come out!

In my opinion this CD is Jeremy’s best and one of, if not the best CD of 2013! The message that Jeremy shares on this CD are so relevant for the times and, especially after reading his memoir, come from a heart wanting to live sold out to Christ.

I love just about every song on this album and keep playing it almost any chance I get.

Paradise is one of the songs I love. It talks about heaven and how one day I will be there. It then goes on to talk about what heaven will be like and how we will see Jesus face to face. It is a great reminder of where Christians are going.

Come Alive I think of as a battle cry or a commitment saying that we will continue to fight until the world comes alive. I love the beat and message of this song.

Reign in Me is a song about wanting the world to seek Christ and for Christ to reign in us so the world can see Him through us. I love this message as it should be a prayer Christians should pray daily.

I think this is Jeremy’s best CD! It has a great message and I love listening to it!

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