As you may recall, I have reviewed a number of products of PearlMountain Technology. Today, I have a new product to talk about. It is VideoGIF. Some key features from PearlMountain Technology include:

  • Multiple import ways: Webcam and Add Video (add local video file)
  • Lots of fine-tune functionalities: crop, resize, text, image filters, color settings, etc
  • Set the Frame Count, Frame Delay, sequence or the FPS with real-time preview

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Photo Credit PearlMountain Technology

I do not do a lot with videos, but I have enjoyed other products from PearlMountain. I recently reviewed their PicGIF app where you can make a GIF file with photos. I really enjoyed that app and I expect a lot of great things from VideoGIF as well!

I played around with this app for a few minutes. I had trouble getting my video to open in the app, but I might have been doing something wrong. I found a video in iPhoto and dropped it in the app and it opened without a problem. I made a few quick adjustments to my video. I enjoyed changing the colors and adding a filter. I saved this as a GIF and when I told it to open, it opened in Preview as stills, instead of moving like I expected.

As I said, I do not do a lot with videos like this, so I could have totally made mistakes with this. The overall app seemed to have a clean design and the preview in the app for my GIF looked cool. If I knew more of what I was doing and I wanted an app to do this, I would give it a try for sure.

You can purchase VideoGIF on the Mac App Store here.

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