I make a lot of fliers and posters, so I was excited to try Publisher Plus by PearlMountain Technology on the Mac. This app features over 170 professionally designed templates, a variety of clipart, backgrounds, and masks, a calendar, as well as a number of other cool features.

When I first opened this app, it reminded me a lot of Apple’s Pages program. I liked the familiarity of this.

Screen Shot 2014 05 26 at 4 00 27 PM private

Since I make a number of items for my church, I was drawn to the “Church Flyer.”

Screen Shot 2014 05 26 at 4 01 56 PM private

I enjoyed working off of a predesigned item as it gave me an idea for a poster. I can’t say I would typically choose this design, but I am able to work off of it.

One of the first things I decided to do was add text. I wanted to change the font, so I went to the font browser to look for a font that I would like to use. I was disappointed that there were no samples of what each font looked like. I like to scroll through the selection and choose the one I think I like as opposed to selecting different ones and then looking at them. Another issue I have is that my spellcheck was not detecting errors as I typed. I would like to see this feature added as I enjoy having it help make sure I do not miss a typo.


Screen Shot 2014 05 26 at 4 04 38 PM private

I was, however impressed with the background options. While I stuck with the preselected background, I am glad a number of backgrounds are included.

Screen Shot 2014 05 26 at 4 07 26 PM private

Another feature I like is that I am able to save a project I am working on. This makes it nice because I can come back to a project and make adjustments if I would like.

My finished product came out like this:

Prayersample private

I was just playing around with this software to get a feel for it, so I did not put hours into this design. There are a number of changes I would make to this poster if I were going to use it for real, but it gave me a good understanding of this software.

Overall, I was impressed with this application. My biggest disappointment was with the fonts, but there were a number of features I did enjoy, such as the backgrounds and clipart. I found this software pretty easy to use. I did something part way through that I had to quit and reopen because I could not select text, but after I did this, I did not have any problems. I think this is a software program I will start turning to when I go to make fliers and other print projects. I feel this is just scratching the surface of what this program really does and I am looking forward to using it more and seeing what I can create.

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