Zac Weikal’s pin on Pinterest.

When I found this idea on Pinterest I loved it! I think this gift could be given to just about anyone. I can’t tell exactly how this was made from the Pinterest picture, but I think you could use strips of DuckTape to cover the word “pop.” Next, we can write the name of the individual on the DuckTape. If you don’t have DuckTape, I think black construction paper would work if it is taped well. A Metallic Permanent Marker would probably show up well on the black paper. If you choose to use neon duck tape, a black permanent marker would work. Be carful when you use permanent markers because I have had food taste like the marker before.

If you want to get creative like the person who made the one on Pinterest, you can add some stickers of drums and things that “rock.”

Beyond giving this to a pastor, I think of the drummer on the music team, the church secretary, the janitor, or the elders, to name a few. I think this idea can encompass almost anyone, although it may have more significance with the musical instruments to the drummer.

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