*I received a free copy of this product in exchange for my honest review.

Because your mother’s maiden name and your dog’s birthday haven’t cut it as a password for a long, long time. Because reusing passwords has never been a good idea. Because “secure” and “convenient” never worked together in a sentence until we built 1Password.


We all know we need better passwords. We’ve seen the reports when large services are broken into and millions of accounts are stolen, or someone guessed their coworker’s password and wreaks havoc. But it’s tough to maintain that balance between security and convenience when you just want to get things done, and that’s why we built 1Password. It makes powerful security tools easy to use and gets out of your way.


1Password is the premiere password and identity manager built for the Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android, and the 21st century.

Before I tell you why I think 1Password is the best password storage app I have found, I want to tell you why I didn’t want it at first.

I knew someone who had this app and they showed it to me. They didn’t know how to use it very well and what I did get from them showing me the app, left a lot to be desired. I thought the app would be confusing and difficult to set up, so I purchased a different app. The app I purchased seemed easy to me, I enter a pin number and it would unlock. I could then copy my password and go to the site I wanted, type in my information and paste my password. This seemed easy enough.

After using that app for a while, I started looking at 1Password. I learned that I could save a website login page, have 1Password take me directly to the login page, and it would even automatically fill in my login information. I thought this would be a great time saving feature, so I decided to try 1Passoword, and I was blown away!

Since switching to 1Password, I have saved so much time. My Internet isn’t the fastest to begin with and having to go to a website and then click login and then get my password out of an app and then enter it and wait to be logged in turned into a three step process.

  1. Unlock 1Password with my master password
  2. Type in the website name I want
  3. Click enter

That is all there is to it. 1Password takes me right to the login page I set and automatically fills in my credentials. It even hits “enter” for me! I have found this feature so, so useful! I feel like the time to log into a website was cut in half, if not more!

1P4 Mac main

Another feature I find myself using a lot is a shortcut that will fill in my login information if I navigate to a login page and 1Password is unlocked. This is again so helpful as I don’t have to go and copy and paste information. I can just do a keyboard shortcut and I am logged in.

I also like the ability to have multiple vaults. This allows me to keep my personal passwords separate from my work ones, but access them within the same app. This is a feature I really enjoy.

1P4 Mac switch vaults

1Password also allows me to store membership cards in it. I really like this because I am able to store my library cards in it and find them quickly when I need the number. I also have the 1Password app on my phone, so I have my passwords with me when I am not right by my computer.

I also really like having access to my passwords in my dashboard. I find myself using this even more than I use the full app since it is always there. It is very helpful for coming up with passwords. One really cool feature is that I can set how many characters the password needs to be. I have used this a few times already.

1P4 Mac 1P mini new password

This app has truly changed the way I work. I have a lot of passwords and I am amazed at how fast this app is. It did take me a little time to figure out how to use the app. I followed the instructions on their website and played around with it. I caught on pretty quickly. If I had to find a complaint about this app it would be that it is missing a little more of a guided setup. I would have liked it to walk me through setting up my first password. Like I said, I figured it out and the instructions on their website was really helpful.

From my short experience with the 1Password, I am really impressed with how quickly they update their apps for Apple products. I believe they had the iPhone app ready to go when iOS8 released and they had an update for the Mac ready when I installed Yosemite today. I love app companies that are on top of updates and have them ready (and stable) when I update.

1P4 Mac Security Audit

I could keep going with all of the awesome features and the reasons I love 1Password, including a security audit it does of my passwords. My only regret with this app is that I didn’t get it sooner. If you would like to learn more about 1Passowrd for the Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android, as well as to download demos for Mac and Windows visit: http://agilebits.com/onepassword.