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I am a huge Mandisa fan! I love her personality and many of her songs. I always like mixing up the songs on my workout playlist, so I was excited to listen to Get Up: The Remixes.

Like many Mandisa fans, I am hoping Mandisa comes out with a workout DVD. I can easily see myself listening to these songs while working out to her DVD. I can also see myself adding a number of these songs to my workout playlist.

Two of the arrangements I particularly enjoyed were What if we were Real and Waiting for Tomorrow. I found these songs to have more energy than the originals and the added remix elements to enhance the songs in a way I found enjoyable.

However, there were a few times when I found some of the added electrical elements to become annoying because they went longer than I would have liked. This was particularly the case in Good Morning. I felt the electrical element became annoying and overpowered part of a song I really like. I did like most of the arrangement, it was just part of the song that I felt this way with.

Overall, I enjoyed this CD as one to get me moving, which, as the title implies, is the intent of this album. I think it achieved that well. My only complaint is when the electrical elements became annoying and overpowered part of the song. This did not happen a lot, but I would have liked this album even more if this was not the case at all.

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