*I received a free copy of this product in exchange for my honest review.



A little over a year ago, I decided to try OmniFocus when I was looking for a reliable way to get better organized and keep track of the tasks and projects I needed to get done. Despite what I felt was an expensive price for the apps, I decided to give OmniFocus a try.

Over the year, I have learned a lot about the software and just recently realized more of the full potential this app really offers. What really helped me learn how to best use this app are the documents on their website. I looked at how other people used this app and tried to model my settings after theirs.

Through this, I learned how cool the customizations of this app really are. One thing I really enjoy about this program and the iPad app is that it can be customized in a number of ways. I had a few custom perspectives on my Mac and I was able to sync this to the iPad app. I really like this as I am able to have a layout very similar to that on my Mac. This helps me know where things are.

I also have found the forecast view very helpful as it shows me my week and the number of tasks that are due that day. If I touch the day, it shows me the names of the specific tasks. This also integrates with the calendars on my iPad. I really like this as it allows me to see how I can fit my tasks into my calendar events. I like not having to switch between multiple apps to do this.


In the image above, you can see some of my workflow. On the left I have a number of tabs, including my custom perspectives. As I said, I like the customizable features of this app. I also like the different ways they allow me to view my tasks. I can view them by project or context. You have to have some understanding of how GTD and OmniFocus works to really understand this part. I know I am still learning how to best use this system and I am tweaking it as I have different needs. I actually just added the All Blog Projects section because I came up with a new set of tasks I wanted filtered for me.

Since I am on my computer most, I usually do a lot of my setting up of projects on my computer, but then I sync it with my iPad and can use my iPad to view my projects and mark them as completed. I really like this convenience.

I don’t have mobile Internet on my iPad, so I haven’t really been able to use the nearby feature of this app, but it does sound like a really nice feature. From my understanding, the app will show your location and a map with tasks that are nearby. For example, if I am near or at the grocery store, it will notify me of any tasks that need to be completed there based off of the context I set.

Like I said, there are so many things this app can do. I am only scratching the surface in what I am using it for as I keep finding new features. I had their previous iPad app and was disappointed when the new one came out for an additional cost. I had refused to get it for a while since the other one did still work. I really like the layout, look, and feel of the new app. I am really glad I have it and I am looking forward to learning even more of how I can best use this app. If you would like to learn more about OmniFocus, you can visit their website here.