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TobyMac   Eye m All Mixed Up   Cover


I was never a big TobyMac fan until last month when I went to hear TobyMac live. When I originally went to the concert, I thought he would be okay, but I was really impressed. From his heart for God to his energy and performance, I really became connected with a lot of his music. Don’t get me wrong, there were a few songs of his I liked prior to the concert, but not on the level as I do now.

Shortly after the concert, I got his new CD, Eye’M All Mixed Up: Remixes. I loved the renditions of the songs on this album. My favorite songs on this album are Forgiveness, Me Without You, Lose Myself, and Steal My Show. 

TobyMac  Eye m All Mixed Up PR Image

I have enjoyed these so much that I find myself turning on this CD just to listen to these songs. I also plan on adding them to my workout playlist when I update that.

So far, I think this is my favorite remix album. There may have been one time when an electrical element started to get annoying, but I think it ended just before it got to the obnoxious part. Like I said, I find myself putting this album on to listen to.

I was honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed this album. I really like the words of many of these songs. I appreciate the fact that I can still enjoy my favorite songs on this remix album.