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The Song tells the story of aspiring singer-songwriter Jed King (Powell), as he struggles to catch a break and escape the long shadow of his famous father. When he reluctantly agrees to a gig at a local vineyard harvest festival, Jed meets the vineyard owner’s daughter, Rose (Faulkner), and a romance quickly blooms. Soon after their wedding, Jed writes Rose “The Song,” which becomes a breakout hit. Suddenly thrust into a life of stardom and a world of temptation, in the form of fellow-performer Shelby Bale (Nicol-Thomas), Jed’s life and marriage begin to fall apart.

The Song is a love story inspired by The Song of Solomon. Jed King is an aspiring singer and songwriter and he travels around playing gigs. When he performs at a local vineyard, he meets the owner’s daughter and a romance quickly begins.

Jed Rose Meeting

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As the two started dating, I could see how in love Jed and Rose were. Without giving the movie away, I loved one of the things Jed built to show his love and commitment to Rose. I found it to be very sweet and a big statement of his love for her.

Jed crown

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As the story progressed, Jed became a huge music sensation and began traveling and touring. Rose was at home with their son and things started to take a turn for the worse. While at home he has a son and wife of his dreams, life on the road is hard–especially when performer Shelby Bale becomes his opening act.

Shelby Bale was used to partying and sleeping around and she began flirting very heavily with Jed.


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With a movie that started off slightly slow, the intensity of the characters came across very clear for me. In what felt like a Nicholas Sparks movie minus the explicit sexual content, I found The Song to be a griping story of love and compromise.

The Dance

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The story felt so real for me as I believed what was happening. As I was watching, I realized that, while this is targeted toward marriage, it is really applicable to so many more people. I think this shows how easy it is for many people to compromise on their values and give up the blessings God has given them in life for what Satan is dangling there for them. Having this be displayed in such a gripping movie, I felt, really brought that concept out. The Song is a love story for sure–mixed with love and heartache.

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The Song Couple’s Devotional is a 6-week book for couples that can help awaken love in their marriage. With daily relationship insights and prayer points drawn from the Song of Solomon, The Song Couple’s Devotional will help couples grow in their relationship with God and one another.

The Couple’s Devotional is written by Kyle and Desirae Idleman. This devotional is designed for couples to spend a few minutes together each day over the course of six weeks. The devotions are divided up by weeks and each week has five devotions, so day one, day two etc. The devotion focuses on a topic for each week.

  • Week 1: Deepening Desire
  • Week 2: Increasing Intimacy
  • Week 3: Fighting Fair
  • Week 4: Rediscovering Romance
  • Week 5: Cultivating Commitment
  • Week 6: Fostering Faith

The devotional is also filled with application ideas to help put into practice what is being taught.

The Song Album is inspired by timeless themes of love and meaning found in Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon.

The American roots album features 11 original songs, and 3 new recordings from the motion picture. Featured songs include iconic artists like Ricky Skaggs, Emmylou Harris, The Byrds’ Roger McGuinn and includes a song from NEEDTOBREATHE.

If you enjoyed the songs in the movie, you will probably want to check out the soundtrack. I don’t typically purchase soundtracks, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this music.