After reviewing the ESV Daily Devotional New Testament, I found out about the ESV Men’s Devotional Bible. I haven’t had success in the past in finding a good devotional that met my desire for learning more about the Bible. I actually gave up on looking for devotionals until I heard about the ESV devotionals from Crossway.

When I hear about a devotional, I think of a book with readings for specific dates with more fluff that is very light on Biblical depth. In my experience, until recently, that has been the case with what I could find.

This ESV devotional is really different. It technically is a devotional Bible, which I think describes it very well. It is a full Bible with 365 devotional entries throughout. In one way I like this. I like that there is actual Bible reading with a devotion on a particular part of the Scripture read. On the other hand, it is really different because there are no dates for particular readings, which makes me view this as more of a Bible. However, that is nice because you aren’t locked into anything and can start anywhere you want without feeling behind. I don’t think this is really bad, it is just different from all of the other devotions I have looked at. As I read this more, I’m sure I’m going to love it.


While it is different not having days marked in this devotional, there are 365 devotions. There is no particular order to where the devotions are, so it isn’t every three pages or anything like that. However, if you read devotion to devotion each day, you will read the entire Bible in a year. I think that is really awesome and something I haven’t seen in other devotionals!

I love the devotions in this book. While I haven’t read every one of them, what I have read is really rooted in Scripture. I was really impressed as I found myself being challenged, yet learning more about the Bible at the same time.


This devotional is really different from any I have seen before. There are so many features I love, especially being able to read through the Bible in a year, the deeply Scripture rooted devotions, and Bible/devotional combination. I think this devotion is for a certain type of person. While many devotions I have seen are short and quick, this one isn’t necessarily that way. There are times when the reading will be quick, but there are other times there are a few chapters between devotions. If you are the type of person who has time (or wants to make it) and read the Bible and a strong devotional, check out the ESV Men’s Devotional Bible.

*I received a free copy of this product to facilitate this post, however you, my readers, come first and all opinions are my own.