I always have trouble finding a good devotional that has a balance of Bible content, where I learn something and practical application that challenges me. I have really mixed feelings as I write this review for Matthew West’s devotional, Today Is Day One.

I love the title of this devotional and the song this devotion goes with. I think there is a lot of potential for it. I feel there will be many people who love this devotion.

The entries are short and can be read in 5 minutes or less. I like how Matthew shares personal stories and makes the devotions easy to understand. 

What I didn’t like is that these devotions were so short and didn’t contain much about the Bible. Yes, there were verses at the beginning of the entries, but I didn’t feel like I learned much from the Bible while reading this devotional.

While this is technically a devotional, I would have preferred it to just be a book that I could read. I did find the reading to be interesting and I enjoyed reading it because it was written by Matthew.

Like I said, I have very mixed feelings on this. In one sense, it was good and enjoyable to read. On the other hand, it didn’t fill me as a devotional that I would read in place of my daily Bible reading. Maybe it would be good as a supplement though.


*I received a free copy of this product to facilitate this post, however you, my readers, come first and all opinions are my own.