Like I posted before, my goal this year is to set a monthly focus area. Last month my goal way to determine the important areas in life. I did think through implementing a number of changes and reading some books on the topic to get ideas and inspiration. I am really happy with the changes I made and this month I’m going to do a combination focus area.

One thing I have a bad habit of doing is purchasing courses and not taking the time to use them. I told myself that I need to start using what I’ve paid for before purchasing any other courses, so I’m going to use this month as an opportunity to dive into two courses I paid for, but haven’t used.

For my focus area, I’m going to take my area from last month and dive deeper and start implementing some of the changes. So, for this month my focus area is making changes to live a life that matters.

To do this, I’m going to go through two courses from Brendon Bruchard that I have. The first is called Your Next Bold Move. This course is supposed to give simple action steps to help move from chaos to clarity, talk about making decisions, improve focus and productivity, and understand how to overcome fear and deal with disappointment. I had started this before, but never made the time to finish it. I’m looking forward to actually finishing the course because it seemed really valuable.

The second course is also from Brendon Bruchard and is called Reignite Your Life. This course is supposed to help you master emotions, revitalize your energy, recognize and release three types of fear holding you back, transform bad habits, build a greater degree of confidence, and build a fresh outlook on life.

I think this will be a good followup to the first course. I may be trying to cram the two courses in a little, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish them. I know I don’t want to rush through and miss the chance to implement what I’m learning, so we will see if I fully complete both courses by the end of the month. I’m going to give myself grace to not stress over it as long as I keep moving forward and making progress on the courses.

While this month is an extension of my focus area last month I believe they are different. Last month I focused on finding what truly matters and starting to get a focus to guide me. This month, I’m going to work on making changes that will hopefully help me move forward pursuing the things that matter.