My first experience with clipping newspaper coupons:

To make a long story short, I don’t get a newspaper that comes with coupons because my newspaper ended up each day in the puddle in the driveway instead of the newspaper box, so after many wet newspapers, we stopped getting the paper. When I first started couponing I had to make a trip to my local grocery store, purchase the newspaper, and hope it had enough coupons in it that I would use to make my money back and still save. After breaking even, not saving that much, and hearing about how all of these people were saving a ton of money with coupons, I decided to start looking around online for other ways to save money at the grocery store. I found a coupon clipping service called Klip2Save–which was a money AND time saver for me!

Saving time with Klip2Save

When I hear the word “service” I immediately ask myself how much MORE is this going to cost me? Since my philosophy on couponing is to get coupons ONLY for what you will use, I needed to check the paper each week and make sure there were enough savings on products I used to justify the $1.25+ newspaper cost (not even counting the cost of gas and time to make a special trip to the store). Then, IF I decided to get the paper, I had to purchase multiple papers, drive home, and sit down and clip the coupons I wanted. I would have a bunch of newspaper laying on the floor that I wasn’t using and my stack of coupons finally ready for my coupon binder. Klip2Save eliminated this wasted time by showing me the new coupons in the paper and letting me choose specifically what coupons AND how many I wanted them to clip for me. NO more driving to the store just to buy the paper, NO more sitting down to clip coupons, and NO more piles of wasted paper!

Saving money with Klip2Save

By now you may be thinking this all sounds great, but how is this going to SAVE me money? Well, here is the thing I love: it usually only costs a few cents (typically $0.08 to $0.20) per coupon you have them clip, but the thing is, you can have them clip more than one of a particular coupon. Lets say it costs $0.08 per coupon and I want 5 of them, it would cost $0.40 + their flat rate shipping for any size order of $1.00, so I would spend a total of $1.40 for the 5 coupons I WANTED. Compare this to the $1.25 per newspaper and having to purchase 5 newspapers to get the same number of coupons, costing $6.25. In this case, I saved $4.85 using Klip2Save!

My shopping experience with Klip2Save

I have placed a number of orders with Klip2Save and I absolutely love their service! My orders ship super fast–almost always the same day. I love not having to pay any membership fees and that, most of the time, I can order the coupons that will be in the paper this coming Sunday AND have them delivered to my house before they are even in the newspaper! Klip2Save is truly my favorite way to clip coupons and my go to place to have them done. If you want to give them a try, head on over to