Meet Zac

I'm a book lover, movie watcher, and music listener. I love helping others find their next entertainment fix by deciding what products to buy, borrow, and skip. 

I enjoy helping authors and bloggers be free to do the work they love so they can live the life they want. I'm a website and social media manager and designer for authors.

I'm the father of the most adorable lab mix, an uncle to five lovable, kind, and caring nephews and nieces, a homeschool graduate, and Penn State Alumni. 

Content Creator Toolbox

I help authors and bloggers be free to do the work they love and live life they want by sharing time saving tools, providing in depth tutorials, and offering web design, marketing, and author services.

I'm a web designer, blogger, street team manager, and marketer for authors. I've been blogging for over 5 years and I've learned SO much about this amazing online world. 

I have the pleasure of working with content creators on a daily basis. I love technology and helping bloggers and authors use technology to enable them to be free to do the work they love and live the life they want. Whether this is through the step by step tutorials I create, the tips I share, or the services I offer, my passion is to help authors and bloggers.

I've had the pleasure of designing websites for award winning authors, I earned my marketing degree from Penn State University, and have learned from some of the best in the industry, like Michael Hyatt, former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, Crystal Paine, the highly successful blogger at, and Ruth Soukup, creator of the hugely popular Elite Blog Academy.

Join me as I share what I'm learning and the resources in my content creator toolbox!

Buy, Borrow, Skip

With so many books, movies, music, and TV shows to choose from it can be challenging to know which ones you should buy, borrow, and skip. Join me as I help you find your next entertainment fix.

I'm a book lover, movie watcher, and music listener. I love watching Hallmark Channel, connecting readers with authors, discovering new authors, listening to the latest music, and helping others find their next entertainment fix.

I also enjoy hosting giveaways and my highly popular Adult Summer Reading Program.

All the Woof

Come hang out with my rescued pup, Sadie (born 6/15) as she shares her favorite treats, best toys, tips for new and experienced dog owners, just all out adorable pictures, and all the woof on all things dog.

Whether you are looking for your first pup or you have a house full of dogs, my pup and I are ready to share our favorite toys, treats, and adventures. You will get to watch Sadie progress as she learns new tricks and we will walk you through the exact steps we take.

I'll also share everything I wish I had known when I got my first dog, including the mistkes I made the first night I brought Sadie home, the products I wasted money on and what I would have purchased instead, and my training tips that enabled me to train Sadie from the comfort of home with no prior training experience!

We can't wait to share all the woof with you!