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Having an online presence is critical today. You know that or you wouldn't be here. For so many people, it is a necessity, but a headache as well. Whether the technology scares you, or you, quite frankly, would rather be working on your passion and spending time with family or friends, you know this is something you have to have.

The thing is, having an online presence can be very fun, IF you get to do the parts you enjoy. Imagine being able to come to your online presence each day at your best, because you love what you get to do. Imagine having an amazing looking website that you NEVER have to worry about spending hours trying to fix because of that one little change you thought you made. Imagine working with someone who has a marketing degree from Penn State University, who has learned from some of the best in the industry, like Michael Hyatt, former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers and Crystal Paine, the highly successful blogger at moneysavingmom.com, someone who understands your audience, because they are actively one of them. Wouldn't that be the ideal person to work with?

I created my services around a need I had people coming to me with. Then I asked myself, how can you best serve these friends. The thing is, I don't view my clients as clients or paying customers. To me, they are friends I get to help every day reach people with their amazing talent. It is truly a joy of mine!

That's why each "client" has direct access to me. Most responses are within hours, not days, and nearly every website update is done the same day! My clients are my friends and that's why I'm here for them when they need me. I read your books, watch your videos, listen to your messages. I follow your social media profiles, I understand your audience because when I do, I can help you better.

I'm looking forward to the opportunity to serving you and your audience. Please use the buttons below to learn more about my specific services.

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Amy Clipston

Bestselling Author of Inspirational Fiction

"I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to partner with Zac Weikal! When Zac offered to work on my website, I wasn’t sure how I wanted my website to look, but Zac took the lead and gave my site a fresh, inviting, fun redesign. 

My website has received compliments from readers as well as the professional marketers at my publisher. 

Zac is talented, enthusiastic, hardworking, professional, and reliable. He has helped increase my social media presence by designing Facebook graphics and an online newsletter template, and he has found innovative ways to promote my books, contests, and events on my website. 

I highly recommend Zac for his web design and graphic design talents."