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Simplify your marketing with Zac, your digital marketing strategist. Unlock success with a proven system, free resources, comprehensive marketing and design services, and unwavering support. Save time, and amplify your marketing.

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Start Listening!

Join me each week as we uncover what it really takes to build a marketing system that lets you do less and sell more. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to effective marketing that works even when you aren't. Let's make marketing fun and easy together!

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Sell More on Social!

Join the 5 Day Content Challenge and take the first step in building a consistent and successful content strategy that will help you stand out and get results. This challenge will give you the clarity you need to create compelling content that gets noticed, liked, shared, and most importantly, drives sales.

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Work with Zac!

Let me help you maximize your marketing. With Digital Marketing Momentum I'll give you the system, resources, and support to eliminate marketing frustration and overwhelm. With Effortless Marketing, my done-for-you service, you can sit back and relax knowing your marketing is being expertly managed.  

Zac and Sadie

Who is Zac Weikal?

Zac Weikal is a marketing strategist who helps creators and service providers achieve marketing success through his Unstoppable Creator Method™. This unique approach simplifies marketing and provides a focused, results-oriented philosophy that takes the overwhelm and frustration out of the process. Through his signature program (Digital Marketing Momentum) and conversational podcast (The Zac Weikal Show), Zac empowers creators and service providers to use marketing as a tool to do less and sell more, so they can have more time and resources to live life to the fullest and make the impact they want.

With over a decade of marketing experience, Zac has a deep understanding of the latest marketing trends and techniques. He is skilled in both digital and traditional marketing, and is known for his ability to simplify the marketing process while developing and implementing strategic plans that deliver measurable results. Zac is dedicated and passionate about helping creators and service providers succeed with their marketing. He brings a strong work ethic and a commitment to delivering quality results to every project he works on. 

When Zac isn't working he can be found spending time with his rescue pup, watching movies, spending time outdoors, or working on a creative project. His motto is simple: Work hard, play harder and enjoy the journey of life to the fullest!

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