Hi there! I’m Zac.

Having an online presence is critical today. You know that or you wouldn’t be here. For so many people, it is a necessity, but a headache as well. Whether the technology scares you, or you, quite frankly, would rather be working on your passion and spending time with family or friends, you know this is something you have to have.

The thing is, having an online presence can be very fun, IF you get to do the parts you enjoy. Imagine being able to come to your online presence each day at your best, because you love what you get to do. Imagine having an amazing looking website that you NEVER have to worry about spending hours trying to fix because of that one little change you thought you made. Imagine working with someone who has a marketing degree from Penn State University, who has learned from some of the best in the industry, like Michael Hyatt, former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers and Crystal Paine, the highly successful blogger at moneysavingmom.com, someone who understands your audience, because they are actively one of them. Wouldn’t that be the ideal person to work with?

I created my services around a need I had people coming to me with. Then I asked myself, how can you best serve these friends. The thing is, I don’t view my clients as clients or paying customers. To me, they are friends I get to help every day reach people with their amazing talent. It is truly a joy of mine!

That’s why each “client” has direct access to me. Most responses are within hours, not days, and nearly every website update is done the same day! My clients are my friends and that’s why I’m here for them when they need me. I read your books, watch your videos, listen to your messages. I follow your social media profiles, I understand your audience because when I do, I can help you better.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to serving you and your audience.


Marketing Assistant

Would you like to focus on your writing, spend more time with family and friends, and think less about your marketing?

If so, let me be your marketing assistant!

Each month I'll review any of your current marketing plans, like those from your publisher, and give you a blueprint to help you reach your marketing goals. Depending on your goals this could include ways to build you social media following, ways to better engage your street team, or improvements for your website. The best part of all of this, you are in control!

You can complete the blueprint yourself, give it to your virtual assistant to complete, or have me complete it for you.

Each month, we will jump on a call to go over the blueprint, make any changes you would like, and discuss any challenges you are facing with your marketing. This is the best of all of my services because it is custom made, month after month, for you!

Website Maintenance

Want to stop worrying about your website? With my popular Forget About It Website Maintenance I automatically make the updates I can to the content on your website and reach out to you for the rest. No more forgetting to have your homepage updated after release day! 


Want to start a street team, need help managing the team you already have, or need to revive a failing street team? My fully managed street team service lets you be as involved as much (or little) as you want.

Website design

Looking for your first website or a website redesign? Let me design a site for you using what I have learned from top experts on ways to engage site visitors to create a visually stunning website that features your work.


Do you need a launch team for your next release? Look no farther. I do all the heavy lifting of setting up a team, reviewing applications, and running the team so you can focus on your new release.

email Newsletter

Need help with your email newsletter? Whether you want help developing an email template that engages readers or you don’t want to mess with coding and formatting your email newsletter this customized and done for you service can make sending your email newsletter as easy as mailing a card.

Social Media

Want to save time with your social media? Let me handle all of the planning, creation, and scheduling of the posts. Each month, I’ll put together a social media plan, send you the template to fill out, and I’ll create the graphics and schedule the posts so you can have more time to engage with your reader’s comments.

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